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Simone Day is a highly qualified and experienced dog trainer & behaviourist, holding an MSc with Distinction in treating behaviour problems in dogs. She also has a special interest in puppies and has run specialist young puppy classes since 2008 as well as helping and advising hundreds of puppy owners on a one-to-one basis in their homes - after all, if owners can get things right early on, they can avoid the need for Simone's specialist skills as a behaviourist later on!


With a vast skillset and range of experience, Simone is well placed to help owners with everything from pre-puppy advice, to basic obedience training, to rehabilitating rescue dogs, to training deaf dogs, right through to helping owners resolve more serious behaviour problems. Simone's love of and enthusiasm for her chosen career shines though and her friendly, professional approach coupled with her willingness to listen to her clients' needs has made her vastly popular with both her human and canine clientele alike (just have a look at the Testimonials page!).

Whether you are thinking about getting a puppy, have a dog that suddenly becomes deaf when you're trying to call it back or are grappling with a more complex behavioural issue, Simone can help! Our Contact details are just below and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Pawsitive was first established over 20 years ago in London (UK) by Simone Day to provide dog owners with the advice, help and support they need to train and improve their dog’s behaviour using kind, yet effective methods.  After over 2 decades of helping thousands of puppies and dogs of all ages in the UK, Pawsitive has relocated to Calgary and is delighted to offer pet parents here the same great level of service and expertise that became the hallmark of Pawsitive's reputation in the UK.

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