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The Pawsitive Approach

Pawsitive will help you train your dog and resolve behaviour problems using kind, effective methods. As the name suggests, Pawsitive uses dog (and owner!) friendly methods to teach your dog exactly what it is that you want from it, as well as which behaviours you do not want. All too often, the messages owners give their dogs are unclear and inconsistent, making it unnecessarily difficult for the dog to understand what it is that the owner wants from it. When these lines of communication break down, problems develop.


Training dogs is all about teaching you, the owner, how to communicate more effectively with your dog. In practice this involves teaching the dog that there are predictable and consistent rule structures that govern its interactions with the people around it. Most dogs learn very quickly which activities are profitable to engage in and which are not, and adjust their behaviour accordingly. For example, for many dogs raiding the bin is an extremely profitable endeavour but coming back to an irate owner who is shouting their name angrily across the park is not! Once owners understand how to make any given behaviour profitable, or not, as the case may be, we can improve on good behaviours and eliminate those that we don’t like.

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