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Puppyhood is a very special time for both owners and their puppies. The arrival of that cute little bundle of fur marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life, the beginning of what should be a long and rewarding relationship between you and your new puppy. For most, it is a time of change, excitement, learning to communicate with each other and bonding – puppies are great fun but they can also be hard work so getting the right advice and support during this important and formative time will help you avoid problems and give your precious puppy the very best start in life!


Pre-Puppy Advice

Not sure which breed is suitable for you? Never owned a dog? Or maybe your new puppy is due to arrive with you shortly and you want to know how best to prepare and plan? Pawsitive can help with all aspects of planning and preparing for a new puppy and Simone is happy to come to your home and answer any and all questions you have to ensure you know what to expect and ensure that your puppy's homecoming and early days go smoothly. 

Puppy Training & Advice


Pawsitive offers specialist puppy advice, training and support on a one-to-one basis in your home. The great advantage of working this way is that you and your puppy will receive advice tailored to your specific needs, knowledge and level of experience. Sessions are informative, relaxed and enjoyable. You can ask as many questions as you like, about anything (puppy related!) you like. In fact, many clients make up their own lists of questions and objectives that we work through. You will receive thorough explanations to all of your questions, everything will be demonstrated so you can see how to do things, and then you will have plenty of opportunity to practice the things we have covered during each session to ensure that you are comfortable with each topic or exercise.


Whether you are a first time puppy owner and this is all brand new to you, maybe you have a challenging puppy that is not responding the way the literature says it should or perhaps it’s been a few years since you’ve raised a puppy and you would like to brush up on current thinking and methods, Pawsitive can help. The first session Simone does with a new client is a 2 hour session and any follow on sessions after that last for an hour each. Whether you have just a few issues that can be addressed in a single session or you would like a complete training programme, or anything in between, is entirely up to you. Simone will be happy to work with you and your puppy for as little or as long as you feel you are benefiting.

Puppy Pre-School Group Classes (Not Currently Available)

A 4 week course for puppies less than 14 weeks when starting that focusses on the areas specific to this age group. Less of a training class and more of an owner education class but with the advantage of meeting other puppies and owners.


For further information about any of the services mentioned, or to book make a booking, please go to our Contact section below.

Pre-Puppy Advice
Puppy Traning & Advice
Puppy Pre-School
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