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(If you can't find any information that you are looking for, just drop us a message via the Contact section below.)

  • What qualifications and experience do you have?
    Simone Day holds a Master's Degree with Distinction in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling (treating behaviour problems in dogs), awarded by the University of Southampton, UK and she has 25 year's practical experience in the field of canine training and behaviour. Simone was a regular instructor at the Dog Owners Club (London, UK) from 2000 to 2008, and in 2006 she set up her own dog training club where she ran the Pawsitive Puppy Pre-School and the Pawsitive Dog School until 2020 when she left the UK and moved to Calgary. Simone has also worked privately with clients on a one-to-one basis for over 20 years giving owners a wide variety of advice and support including pre-puppy advice, puppy training & socialisation, adult dog training, rehabilitation of rescue dogs, carrying out behavioural assessments and treatment of behaviour problems, working with deaf dogs, helping owners with disabilities and she has worked closely with several rescue organisations over the years. During her career, Simone has helped thousands of puppies and dogs with all aspects of training and behavioural issues. Her knowledge, skills and expertise put her at the top of her field in London and she is excited to now be able offer the puppies and dogs of Calgary the benefit of her vast experience.
  • What areas do you cover?
    Simone is based in SW Calary and primarily see clients within Calgary. For communities outside of Calgary, an additional fee to cover extra travel time & expenses may be applicable.
  • How much do you charge?
    Simone charges for her time on an hourly basis which is $150/hour (inc. GST) for all personalised services (Puppy Training/Advice, One-to-One Training, Day Training, Behavioural Issues). Initial sessions are generally 2 hours in duration and follow-on sessions are generally 1 hour in duration. You may do as many or as few sessions as you feel you need, at whatever frequency works best for you. All programmes are personalised to your individual requirements and there are no tie only pay for what you need. *Discounts for booking multiple sessions are NOT offered* Group training classes have separate prices which will be published when enrolment opens.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Payment can be made by E-Transfer or cash on the day of your session.
  • How soon can you see me?
    Usually within several days to a week, but this really depends on current caseloads and your own availability. Weekday as well as weekend appointments are available, but weekends are popular because many people work Monday to Friday. Waiting times can be up to several weeks if your availability is limited and it’s a busy period, but usually much less than that, especially if you can be more flexible or can take a cancellation at short notice.
  • How do I book an appointment to see you?
    You can send an email to or use the form in the Contact section and we will be happy to send you all of the information you need. We can then arrange a convenient day and time for an initial session. Our telephone number is also available in the Contact section, but we REALLY, REALLY prefer email as there is not always someone available to answer calls and telephone ping pong is one of our least favourite games!
  • Can you train my dog for me?
    Yes! I offer a Day Training programme where I come to you and train your dog within your home and/or local outdoor areas. It is a bespoke training service where I work with your puppy or dog individually to teach or improve specific commands or skills that that you need help with, ranging from a single focus area such as Recall to a full training programme from scratch. The length of time it takes to teach and establish new behaviours depends on a number of factors such as areas/level of training you would like me to cover and the dog’s age, developmental stage, temperament and previous training history. That said, as this type of training is very consistent and focussed, I can typically progress dogs quickly compared to other training programmes/formats. However, the most important part of the programme is spending time with you to integrate the learning into your relationship with your dog to maintain these ‘new and improved’ behaviours that have been taught. Regular 'transfer' sessions during and/or at the end of a programme to demonstrate what your dog can do, how to maintain behaviours and to ensure that your dog responds to you reliably are a crucial part of this training format.
  • My dog is deaf. Can you help?
    Yes! Simone has worked with many deaf dogs over the years and would be delighted to help you train your hearing impaired friend.
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